CPDevice Developer Conference

Simple development, easy to apply.
June 21-22, 2024 Nanshan, Shenzhen, China

Welcome to CPDC 2024

Simplifying Development, Enhancing Applications

Join us for the Second CP Device Developer Conference (CPDC 2024), where we're embracing the theme of "Simple Development, Easy to Apply." Mark your calendars for June 21st to 22nd, 2024, as we gather in the vibrant city of Nanshan, Shenzhen.

At CPDC 2024, we're dedicated to sharing CP's latest product strategies and showcasing our innovative HMI products and application achievements. Get ready to witness the unveiling of the next generation of CP SDK family members and explore the new features and enhanced stability of CP MDM's cutting-edge backend system.

But that's not all. We're thrilled to announce the debut of CP industry apps that promise to revolutionize your workflow.

Our mission at CPDC 2024 is clear: to foster meaningful technical exchanges with developers upstream and downstream. Together, we'll tackle industry-specific challenges, drive innovation in application development, and lead the way in delivering world-class human-computer interaction solutions.

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June 21
Programming Competition
Promote the application of the next generation CP SDK, providing industry customers with simple development methods.
June 22
CPDevice Developer Conference (CPDC)
Introduce leading technological achievements from the new generation of software and hardware solutions.

Competition Introduction

The purpose of this programming competition is to promote the application of CPSDK, allowing participants to experience the powerful and user-friendly features of CP SDK, thus facilitating future practical applications. The competition will be divided into two parts:

Round One: Use CPCOMM and CP devices for simple communication. This program needs to be completed within 30 minutes. The winner will be determined by the completeness of functionality. If all functionalities are completed, the transmission speed will be compared, and the faster participant will advance to the final round.

Round Two: Use two machines for programming. Machine A needs to take a photo first and then transmit the photo to Machine B via the CAN bus. This program needs to be completed within 2 hours. The winner will be determined by the completeness of functionality. If all functionalities are completed, the transmission speed will be compared, and the faster participant will win.

All learning materials for this competition can be found in the online documentation of CPDevice, including usage methods and examples. Participants in need are encouraged to study in the online documentation. Additionally, we encourage participants to bring their own handy computers with programming environments installed to participate in the competition. The top three participants in this competition will receive cash rewards. 

Competition Description

  • Competition Matters
  • Competition Rewards
  • Learning Materials

Competition Guidelines

  • ·Competition Guidelines

    Targeting robust in-vehicle intelligent tablets of CP, the competition aims to pursue faster iteration and development while reducing time costs. It aims  to deliver applications more efficiently, simply, and securely. By combining the characteristics of the industry's own business, it meets the overall needs  of the business, achieving quick start-up and rapid iteration of CP cross-process bus architecture.

  • ·Judging Criteria

    The competition consists of two rounds, with the top three contestants selected. In the first round, 30 contestants (or fewer) will be selected based on  machine-answer algorithm questions to enter the second round. The second round will utilize CP's modular software library for application development,  implementing communication between two CP devices. Evaluation criteria include functionality implementation, efficiency of the work, average running speed,  and speed of submission. The best performer will be declared the winner.

  • ·Competition Topic

    This competition focuses on four sub-categories under CPSDK. These are CPComm, CPMedia examples, CAN communication, and RS232 serial  communication. CP will provide venue equipment support for this competition and encourages the emergence of innovative new players.

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Competition Schedule

The competition time period may be subject to delays and changes. Please pay attention to refreshing the page for updated information. 

  • Before 2024.5.31 Registration Completed
  • Before 2024.6.21 Learning Completed
  • 2024.6.21 Participation
  • 2024.6.21 Evaluation
  • 2024.6.22 Results Announcement

Apollo Gen2 Unveiled at CPDC 2022